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Bendy thing?

As you will know, I'm faced with trying to clean out 12 x 50 gallon oak barrels. The only opening into the barrels is a solitary bung hole in the waist of the barrel.
The barrels will eventually be filled to the top with sterilising solution but before I do that, I need to give them a good pressure washing to get as much debris  and crud out of them as possible.
On Karens recent cider making course, one of the ladies on the course had some sort of attachment for her pressure washer that fitted through the bung hole but then actually shot around corners so that the barrels insides could get an all over wash. I don't really know what the attachment looks like and a quick Google has failed to find anything that looks as though it will do the job. Has anyone got any ideas?

There used to be an attachment that was for cleaning around the inside of wheel arches on cars that would be perfect for the job. Machine mart still have one showing, or you might try looking at washer attachments for drain cleaning (long flexable hose with a high pressure head on the end)
The drain cleaner has a jet that points forward and a about three that point backwards to help push the thing forwards in a confined space.

The other thing that I should have said, is that we have a Karcher pressure washer. If you know of an  attachment that will go with it, could you post me a link?

I've got one of these which I use for clearing any blockages in the drains and it would probably do your job as well

Maybe you could use this Bodger. I have used something similar for washing out plastic 200l drums.

Thanks boys. We've just got back home from visting a Karcher centre on the isle of Anglesey. We've seen both of those products and gone for the one that Border suggested. The other one would have worked, if it had sent the jets out horrizontally rather than backwards.

The old way was to half fill them with water and put a length of chain in. You then rolled then about the yard for a while.


I feel k*ackered just thinking about it

1/4 fill keg with  gravel would have the same effect where do you think rolling the barrel came from  


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