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Bella constantly banging her feet.

Our Bella is constantly banging her feet either on the concrete yard or against fence posts.

This goes on throughout the day and night. As you can see from the picture, she has quite heavily feathered feet and we think that she might be being irritated by something called feathermite. In the past, we've had her injected with something to kill them and we've also cut her feathers off before now too.
We had the farrier to her yesterday, just to make sure that it wasn't a foot problem and it isn't . Neither of the previous treatment for feathermite has really worked, nor has shampooing her feathers. Have we missed out on any other options ?

Have you tried flowers of sulphur or even frontline, there is a post on here ref it. I googled f of s at the beginning of the year and it might be worth trying. Is not very expensive either, I get mine from Mole Valley Farmers

Will have a look for the post for you


Here you go Bodger


I obviously have a little too much time on my hands!!


Many thanks Claire.

I've read that Hibiscrub can help too?

bodger, my mare does it aswell. its like she appears to have pins and needles or something. only the back ones tho.
she has been doing it on and off for the past two years. i cant see it is mites, because the other one would have it too, both heavily feathered, plus i have done everything to kill mites etc over the years.

i just put it down to perhaps age, she is 19ish, so maybe arthritis or something else. vet cant put his finger on it, and said more than likely arthritis too.
how old is your girl bodger?

About the same age as yours.

could be shivers

no mel, defo not shivers. no tremors, or trembling, defo no trembling of tail and no flexing of limbs.

she stands normally, she could be dozing, eating or just resting, then all of a sudden she will be stamping one or the other back hoof. she does not stop what she is doing to do it.
i have had her checked by vets, 3 in total all from the same practice, and two farriers, thinking there might be something to do with her hooves, and like i say, they all seem to be of the opinion it could be some form of arthritis, that makes her have pins and needles or makes her hoof,leg tingle and so she stamps it on the floor.

the shire we used to ride used to do the same thing - it wasthe bain of her life for years.  In the end she was treated with an injection for mange mites and it worked a treat..she didn't have mange as such but had picked up some mites from passing foxes that were harbouring in her feathers.  I have heard from the old guys that used to keep the brewery shires that sulphur and pig oil also worked.

Bet its mites. My old cob used to do exactly what Bella is doing. From memory I clipped his feathers and hibiscrubbed his legs which did the trick. perhaps frontline is best these days -dont think it was an option then! Love Lizzie

My daughters Shire did this when we first had him.  Although mites were not seen I am sure it was that.

She clipped his feathers, hibiscrubbed and then kept them smothered in pig oil.  Worked a treat.

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