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Belbroughton scarecrow festival

We had a great time on Sunday afternoon, wandering round this little village in Worcestershire.
They've made a great success of raising money for lots of village projects - the church, the recreation ground, playgroups etc. and still have enough left for other charitable causes. It's not been going that long, and gets bigger every year.
It's a 2 day event, and attracts thousands of people (I would guess about 20 acres of stubble field was used as parking, and was pretty full at 5 a throw!) Roads through the village are closed for the whole weekend and there are events going on in the village and surrounding farms. There's a farmer's market, bouncy castle, fairground organ and scary rides, bellringing, hog roast etc. The roads are packed with folk walking round looking at the scarecrows which most of the villagers have made - this year on a sporty theme. So if your village needs to raise cash take a few tips from Belbroughton. Here are just a few of the scarecrows...


somee of those scarecrows are a work of art.

maybe this one should have been added..........    

on Bazzers recommendation.....



Good to see you back Mogs

   cheers, good to be back          

I just love the way these villages get into this sort of thing and how clever some of them are  

Think that was in Perthshire somewhere when we saw them.

Looks like Rob had a bad game that day;

Great stuff!
The huntsman's dog gives me an idea for Jules; he now has female company!

We have a similar thing here in the summer. One of our local villages has a bear hunt. People make fantastic straw bears and a "hunt" is on to find them all with people paying 1 for a location map. Other events are staged throughout the weekend and its amazing the ingenious designs people come up with! The kids love it and again all the money goes to the church/village hall etc. My fave this year was "Bear Grills" complete with barbie and straw anaconda! Love Lizzie

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