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Begining to feel like Christmas.....

Last week the good lady and I had some time off from or day jobs.

She has a high intolerance to the modern world, a large number of additives and preserves (like nitrates) cause her problems.

So as we have guests over the holiday period we decided to make most things from scratch.

So after a trip to the local butcher we proceeded to make our own sausage meat, which in turn made cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and homemade sage, onion and sausage meat stuffing.

Some pork belly is in a dry cure for the streaky bacon, and a nice piece of pork is in a brine ready to boil and roast into our ham.

Some minced lamb was turned into a spicy dry mix and then turned into samosa's.

All which were then frozen and are ready for the holidays.

Also have 5 gallons of homebrew doing its thing, and should be ready in time as well.

Still a few other bits to make and a lot to do closer to the time, but it feels good to have made a start.

How is everyone else doing?


Re: Begining to feel like Christmas.....

escape wrote:

How is everyone else doing?

Postie must be on strike.....still awaiting the invite....    

That sounds wonderful!  I wish I was half as organised.

Well oganised here family all meets up at my sisters this year here next year  

I don't seem to actively organise anything but it always turns out OK


Ah now, you see, that's all well and good, but have you got the sprouts on yet?

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