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before my time

This fire place is  in the old part of the house,
if it could be moved it would be for sure......

its about 4ft wide by about 3ft deep, with the old bread oven still there but stoned up.

this room used to be our living room, and we had a wood burner in the fireplace that nealy filled the whole of it  
it got too hot tho, the rooms are small with thick walls, and it was too much for the room.

lovely fireplace  

I'm envious.

we gave the firebox that was in there away    wished we kept it now to replace the aga, but hopefuly i'll be able to get something sorted this weeekend to replace that  

Ooooh-look at the stones in the wall-they look sooo smooth!  Could stroke them all day!!      
Were they originally from the beach Dans-look like they have been buffed by the sea?  

should imagine they are beach stones    they were used in alot of the old buildings round here.
we've got an old mill at the back of the house, built with slate and beach stone  

Gosh that looks just like one of the fireplaces at the museum of welsh life!!! isnt it gorgeous - what a lovely feature. Our house is C18 but it has  had all its original features stripped away in various modernising schemes.  Apart from one corner of a room which has a big triangle of bricks obviously walling something off....we are curious to know whats behind there but wary of finding a previous owner! Love Lizzie

My cousin had a little cottage just to the north of Seven Sisters - they had a fire place just like that.

I believe it was built by the previous owner who use water washed stones from the small mountain stream behind the cottage.

They sold the place a few years ago and moved a couple of overcoats  down the road to Aber Dulais.


  nice one Dans

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