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Before and after

two days work and numerous cots of paint

and the pots the fairies kindly planted up a week or so back...

chicken feed


champion job there,well done

That trellis looks very professional

I like the panels with the leaves in them.  Where did you get them?

meant to say your fairys did a great job will they plant more things for you?

LLP..they were 24.00 each at the local G/C last year, this year selling them off for 5.99 each... buy on get three free...Hey! I'll have some of that.. Not knowing what I was going to do with them.
They were designed to go on a wall, and grow the plants of your choice against..Why grow plants over them, they are decorative would not see the panels.
Still I bought four........
Then got me thinking cap on ...wanted to hide the neighbors awful hedge... really don't like conifer
Came up with this idea, a few lenghts of 3" x 2" , a few coats of paint, job done...
Oh! and the trellising was basically free...salvaged from the bottom of the garden, trim off the rotten bits, maybe next 2-3 years time replace them. All in all , besides my labour cheap and cheerful.

Went back yesterday for six more...Yeah you got it....SOLD OUT...
Now need to come up with an idea to hide the next  8.5 mrts of hedge...
And will do  

Sod I doubt it this side of DD's wedding...But you never know, when Dad gets loose...  

Kaz..the old skills from the exhibition trade come in useful some times..
Four coats of pant can make almost any thing look Pro  

Nice job

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