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Beet Harvest

A couple of photos of a 6 row harvester working at night


Changed days , i can remember standing on an old single row lifter late 50's, throwing stones of the chain elevator , cant remember the make now but it was green in colour , we stopped growing sugar beet when the factory in Cupar in Fife closed , kept the lifter and made a few changes to it and lifted turnips with it up untill the mid 90's .

Great images mawkin.

I have images from the mazie harvest last year, it was very wet and they spent most of the time stuck or pulling each other out.

I can remember as a lad, we pulled sugar beet by hand, you pulled two rows and your mate two rows at a time, the beets were laid against each root to root, so the leaves were facing away from each other.

When you came to the end of four rows two spades were waiting and you walked back dowm the rows chopping the leaves off with the spade.

When you got to the other end, the boss would be sitting on a tractor with a trailer, with two pitch forks on the trailer, he would then drive the tracor and trailer so the beet was between the wheels and we would fork the beet on the trailer.

A lot of work for very little pay, but I think we enjoyed ourselves.  

great to see mawkin,thanks mate

thanks never seen that being done

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