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anyone wanting to stasrt up beekeeping in the spring and wants a start up package hive and bees which will consist of
National hive-brood chamber 2 supers roof crown board and varroa floor aswell as 5 frames of bees plus six empty frames all for the measly sum of 150 should put an order in now as i need time to make the hive parts.
Advice and hands on experiance is free


I am tempted Jim.

I have to sort out a place of my own first.

Got 2 X 10 section WBC hives that I have made, but not permenently assembled, flat packed in my Landlady's garage. Everything bar the frames are made. I am not sure what material I need for the frame covers, so have left them for the time being.

I would enjoy gaining some more knowledge and getting a little hands on experience with the ins and outs of Bee handling though. You can only go so far with books and videos.

I just can not find anyone willing to help me out here in Norfolk. The Norfolk BBKA have gone silly, and just don't want to help out anyone, and especially not any newbies or novices.

Frames are best bought in kit form i tried making them but the time and effort is no match for bought stuff around 90p each
Your welcome here gareth for a little hands on anytime
and im sure i could get you started with a nucleus of bees for around 25 every where else last year was 65 with all the floods this year i dont think they`ll be many for sale next year as thousands and thousands of hives were destroyed so the beeks will be building there own stocks up.
Theres always hive baiting which works very well in gathering swarms providing theres beeks in your area i bought some swarm lure and was amazed how well it works thats a cheaper option
Cant the chap at appleblossom apiaries help in your area i visited his place and he was very helpful and runs a very cheap 5 day course i beleive on the outskirts of Norwich
but if your prepared to come down here im sure i can help you

Yeeharr has always wanted Bees - sure he'll be bending your ear Jim!

he can have some and i wont kick his arse price wise once they get goin they breed like mice

I am going to take you up on your offer Jim.

Bee keeping has been an aspiration of mine for several years now. Think of all the Mead I could make and consume.

Swarm Lure eh?

Have you read about my exploits with fishing lures? :: :: ::

my favourite type freebies


gareth the drone brood makes a fantastic fish killer bait

I remember seeing those photos a few months back and being really impressed by them.
green man

Jim wrote:
my favourite type freebies

Don't you mean " freebees " Jim. :q28:

Don't you mean " freebees " Jim. :q28:[/quote]
:: :: ::

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