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Bees stinging ?

A few days ago, I got stung when I was about 30 yards away from the hive as I was feeding my chickens. This was after Dave the bee keeper had just finished visiting them.
Yesterday, Kaz got stung on the back of the neck and this time, it was a few hours after another visit from Dave. Once again kaz was collecting the eggs from the chickens and minding her own business. Both times,we were hit by single bees and were a fair distance from any of the hives. Needless to say, this has made us fairly nervous and wary, is this normal behaviour for the bees to attack like this and is there anyhthing that we could possibly be doing wrong ?

I'm very new to bee keeping - they belong to my son, but he keeps the 2 hives in an apriary in the same paddock as I keep one of my flock of hens and the sheep. I have never had any problems, yesterday I was strimmimg nettles directly in front of the hive, so being attacked from a distance for no reason does seem unusual.

I was led to believe a bee away from the hive would only sting if you were in its direct line of flight, which is why when watching the bees it is best not to stand right in front of the hive.

Do you know I don't know...I'm waffling

Tavascarow of DS would be able to advise.

Hope you are both OK stings can be nasty to some.

Kaz hasn't had a problem but I do I seem to be fairly sensitive to their poison.

I never had a problem with being stung when away from the hive apart from the one time when I got stung on my earlobe, maybe it would be wise to give them a bit of breathing space after Dave has been through the hive.  am no way an expert but it might be worth trying, have you asked Dave about it?


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