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Beer fridge up and running

Can be used for fermentation crash cooling conditioning and serving
I used the STC100 Temp controller along with a 60 watt heating tube and it works really well
It holds 2 corny kegs and 1 small c02 cylinder
Next job is to build a keggerator which should allow for 4/5 brews to be served at once!! and free up the fridge for better controlled fermentation and conditioning

That looks ace. Please tell us more about you beer brewing.

At the moment its kit beers the latest is a Wilkinsons bitter to which I added some cascade hops and a small can of black treacle to boost the flavour that is currently bubbling away like mad and blowing a lot of froth out of the air lock so much so that its sat in the BATH

I have a keg of Coopers stout conditioning that Im saving for xmas that had some dark chocolate and muscavado sugar added

Drinking at the moment Coopers lager and a Woodfords Wherry bitter

The kits are generally idiot proof and you can play around with the fermentables and tweak the taste and strength levels

Karens ordered half a dozen wine kits from Wilkinsons today.

That looks briliiant!!  It's a really good size so you'd be able to ferment good sized batches in there.  Those little temp controllers are brilliant aren't they.

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