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maine moose

Beer Brewing

Hello Tippler all, now got a good question for one and all. I make quite alot of beer from kit form,but have just been given a lot of malts from a good friend (they are all out of date on the vacum packeges) ,theres reds, blacks, oat and more. Should i have a go at brewing or just feed it to the hens.Dont want to make up a brewing kit as i dont think i will bother again. I like the kits to much. Also if theres any brewer in the south of Ireland wants do do a swap could come to an arangement.....  

Kit versus grain is like night and day but does require a fair bit of time and gear.
That said I've never heard of anyone getting tooled up for all grain and going back to kit.

Main Moose,  I made beer kits for a good number of years and really enjoyed the results, but, truth be told, the all grain beer is way, way superior.  There's a 'short cut' version of all grain brewing called boil in a bag where all you need is a big stock pot and some net curtain - have a google it's worth the effort honest

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