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Yorkshire Geordie

Been to Bicton - AGAIN

Mrs YG, Biscuit and I have been to our local garden - Bicton - again this afternoon.
It rained heavily for a short while but it seemed to freshen things up.

This is a general view of the building which gives a panoramic view of the landscaped garden, flower beds, ornamental pond and obelisk.

In the waterfall pond there was a swan, preening himself.

In the pond were a few turquoise dragonflies.
This one was resting on a twig.......

Whilst this one, I think, was busy laying eggs ...........

Here is the fountain - being blown by the wind.




Looks a lovely place to visit

Thank you they were great  

Great pictures. One day You'll have to give us a lesson on taking Macro pictures.
Yorkshire Geordie

Bodger, your best bet would be to Google for macro photography.

This article gives the basic information http://digital-photography-school...-photography-for-beginners-part-1

Some digital cameras are better than others but most will have a "macro" setting somewhere.

It's a very absorbing (possibly expensive) topic and if you are patient you can get good results.

Here's looking at you .............

This is not one of my photos


I think the fella is actually lookin atcha Bodger!

Rena wrote:
I think the fella is actually lookin atcha Bodger!

    But what is he saying/thinking......?

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