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Been a wee bit rain

As the title says !! so with that in mind i thought today was the day to go and look for a wee trout for tea ! nothing like being optimistic ,  i set out at 6.30 am armed with my 3.99 fold up rod and a few brambling worms , just like i did over 60 yrs ago ,except that back then i would have had a garden cane rod and a 2/- reel and line , i was home at 10 am having had 9 fish on the worm , unfortunately none big enough to keep ( although 60 yrs ago they would all have been in my pocket ) i did pick 5 mushrooms on the way back so my day was a success . and i enjoyed my stint in the fresh air !

Nice day. The feeling of a bite and the reel in is the fun . Eating is the icing on the cake

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