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Bee our guest

A couple of months ago the local bee man popped into ask if he could put some hives up in the corner of one of our fields. to date we have four and I am so excited as the mountain heather is starting to come up. he says there should Bee plenty of activity. it is so nice to have them on our doorstep and everytime the chap pops up to see them I learn something new - fascinating little insects.
can anyone suggest a good 'light' book so I can brush up on my Bee facts.

As a general get you started this one looks good:

The one our association recommends to all our new members is this one although it's a bit technical in places:

There's also loads of info on the web.

There is a good forum that a lot of beeks visit call the  Great bunch of people and a load of help and information at your finger tips.

Best way to learn is to ask him if you can come along and watch his inspections.  soooo differant once you get into the hives themself.

BUT be warned - it is addictive!

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