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Bee Friendly Garden Quiz

Came across this yesterday from the bumble bee conservation trust, have a go. Its a flower identifyer quiz to see how bee friendly your garden is. I liked it even more because I now know some of the names of the flowers that always just appear that I certainly never planted.  My score is terrible. But I do have some wild flower mixes still in pots ready to go out when I have found some suitable spots for them.

We have a Bumble Bee nest around our house every summer couple of years ago in the old couch on the verander  last summer under the back steps   so guess we have good food here but only know apples from that and we have trees

It took me ages to work out that they just wanted me to click on species that we have in the garden
The score was going up nicely but I didn't check it before I went to the final link and it wouldn't let me go back to it
We have some huge bumbly bees around at the moment

Scored about 4000.

We gets lots of bees, small and large. We have bee holes all over the place.

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