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bee boxes

with the decline of the bee population i know we have quite a few people on who grow fruit trees do you think these are a good idea apparently the more solitary bees are really good for pollinating orchards etc I know very little about the subject and would welcome your views .
M ight be a good use for some of your surplus ply board gareth ?

Hi Richie.
There are various threads on the forum, they are a really good idea.


Re: bee boxes

morlan578 wrote:
Might be a good use for some of your surplus ply board gareth ?  :xbigsmile:

I have a set of plans for Bee boxes somewhere. Either in a file on my laptop, or a saved link on one of my browsers.

I'll look them out a little later on today.

We put up a bee box a few years ago and the solitary (Mason?) bees moved in almost immediately. Flushed with success I started fiddling about with bits'n'bobs of wood in the shed...


See also this blog entry for some very basic lacewing shelters I made cobbled together from some surplus Port boxes and skirting board:

The solitary bee boxes seem to work very well and can be bought really quite cheaply, unlike the Bumble Bee boxes which are expensive, need very careful siting and a huge amount of luck to be noticed by the bees.

Cheers, Mark

goodpost.gif  Thanks Mark

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