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Let me take you for a walk back through time at the Beamish Museum.I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Here are the pictures that Kaz and I took on what proved to be a fabulous day out. I was in my own little world.  Enjoy the photographs.

Approaching Home farm.

Geese in the orchard.

This very secure piece of chicken accomodation looked as though it had been converted from an old boiler. Very handy in the event of an air raid.

These short horns had obviously been in their winter quarters all winter. A bit of sun on their backs and some grass in their bellies will soon have them looking sleak and glossy.

This took me back a few years. I used to milk in a shippon like this.

Now you see him.

Now you see me as well.

He was described as an Irish Draught and was having a welcome rest from pulling one of these.

The Beamish site is spread out over three hundred something acres and has its own rather unique transport sytem. I think that you'll have to admit that its absolutely brilliant. Ding ! Ding all aboard.

Hold on to your hats, we're off to the town of Beamish itself.

Inside the old Co-op.

The Sweet Shop.

The cycle repair shop.

These pictures have only scraped the surface of a fantastic place to visit. I havn't even touched the mining village, its drift mine and school, the railway or the old manor House. There's such a lot to see at Beamish, that you need to give yourself a full day to visit it and fully take things in. Once again, if you get the chance, you must visit it.

Once again exellent pictures

Looks like its well worth a visit , nice pics   thanks for sharing.

Great stuff.

Love it thank you , only a day to go round?

Shame they dont do a Victorian B&B on site.  Dragon landlady, damp beds, gas lamps and all!!!  The Full Monty as it were. I'd give it a go... Love Lizzie

Sounds like Lorrainelovesplants place in Cornwall.



That brought back a few memories, it's a good few years since I was there & it is in my area.  Good job that the weather gods were kind to you bodger, I once took a right soaking while walking from the colliery to the town!

There is a video clip of Beamish here.

A smashing clip. Thanks for that.

Prior to last week its a good fifteen years since we visted Beamish. Since then, they've made it quite a bit bigger with some major new attractions added, but what I would say, is that I don't think that the museum was anywhere near as well presented as it was on our first trip.
The information for the items that visitors could see was not good and on many occasions non existent. Its something that the people who run the museum certainly need to look at.

bodger wrote:
The information for the items that visitors could see was not good and on many occasions non existent. Its something that the people who run the museum certainly need to look at.

Yeah, I know what you mean.  When I took my youngsters there & got the "what was that for ?" questions I couldn't answer most of them!    Saying that, the staff who walk around in the period dress are clued up, trouble is there are not many of them about "off season".

Did you have a beer in the Sun Inn?  When I went to Beamish I always used to leave with loads of sweets from the sweet shop, probably why I have partial dentures now!  

Edit: There is an unofficial, but excellent website about Beamish here.

Here's a real tear jerker from Beamish. I've only just unpacked my case and found this that I bought from the shop there.

A ginormous block of carbolic soap. I told you that it was a tear jerker!

Great pix Bodger. Brought back memories, a grocer my mum used had a coffee mill just like the one in the co-op shop, loved the smell in those old grocers.

I used to be a member of the Friends of the Ironbridge Museum a few years ago and they've got a similar setup at Blists Hill. Its grown a lot though since I was there last. Another one I went to was the Black Country Museum at Tipton. They have a tram there too and canal boat trips through the tunnel. Both sites, like Beamish, have good pubs!!!

Pete Y      

I'm glad your enjoyed it Pete.

When i read Beamish i actually thought it related to the old Beamish Sizuki trials bike with chrome frame  AHHH well never mind    BUT i did enjoy reading your thread  

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