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Beagling last season

Just a few pictures from a lovely sunny day at the end of last season.

I'm looking forward to the coming season and hopefully will get a few more pictures to share.

We watched the Devon & Somerset hounds parade at the Moy Game Fair last week.................lovely to watch them. Best bit was seeing the kids all come out to mingle with the pack  

Wish I could have the chance to watch a pack work properly..........

Good the 3rd one down.
Nice to see all of the dogs together.

Very different from the KC beagles Furdy, do I detect a dash of harrier in them?
Great pictures, they bring back some really good memories. Thanks.

they look like our foxhounds . Most beagles here in the States are 13-15 in. those buggars are tall!

They are quite tall as far as beagles go.

The Clinkard Meon Valley pack as they are now called were originally two seperate packs. The meon Valley beagles and the old Aldershot pack.

The two packs joined and were hunted by Roy Clinkard who sadly passed away last year.

If you you at the pictures you may be able to make out two distict colours of hound. The darker tri coolured hounds were the original Meon strain and are pretty big hounds. The lighter coloured hounds are lemon hounds and the line is unique to Clinkard breeding. The Clinkard strain are well thought of on the continent and have a huge following in Germany.

I'll get some pictures of individual hounds this coming season to highlight the differences.

I'll look forward to seeing them

nice pics . Those dogs look much like our grade fox hounds . They appear to be too tall to run in trials or bench shows here . heres our normal gundog beagles after an outing last winter .

Dave C

I follow the Weadale and Teesvalley Beagles whenever i can, ours are long in the leg as well because of the thick heather they hunt in, they need it to cover the ground.
But Flatirion i love them smaller hounds you have, what are they about 13 " or so.


Great Stuff..lovely to see    

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