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Bat hunting tonight

and a drink
We've got some good friends living in a near by village who have dozens if not hundreds of bats living in their roof space. We were there a few weeks ago at around dusk time and the bats were streaming out from beneath one particular roof slate and so tonight, we're off to count them as they come out and to listen to them with a bat detector. The frequency that we can here them with will go a good way to telling us what species the bats are.
I have real bat envy. Up until this year we've had loads of bats around our place but we've hardly seen a one this year. I don't know what's happened to them but its been very disappointing.

I knew there was something I wanted to ask you about. We think we have a very small group of bats in our roof/walls & wanted to borrow the detector thingy to see if we can confirm that & poss ID them.

Also thinking of using a camera probe to take a look as they are in an inaccessible position.

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