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Bass Reel ?

In just over a weeks time, the majority of holiday makers will leave the area and things will slowly get back to normal ready for the autumn and winter months.
Autumn is a great time for bass fishing and I need to buy at leas one, if not two fishing reels. Although you can never have too many fishing rods, I'm not too badly off in that department.
I've Googled 'bass reels' and come up with a mass of foreign reels that I know nothing about. I like the prices but I could do with some help with sorting the wheat from the chaff. can the fishermen, or women kindly have a look at this little lot and see what they think ? Its years and years since I last had to buy any fishing tackle.

I'm looking to both spin and beach cast, so I realise that I might need to buy two. I've never really gotten to grips with multipliers, so fixed spool would be the order of the day.

While I'm at it, a similarly confusing array of lures are also available on Ebay too.

I suppose I'd better put the link on.

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