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Bass Fishing. How the other half live.

If you have Sky Sports 2, have a look at the Bass fishing programme at 7.00pm tonight. It features a big bass fishing competition at Arkensas for 120,000. Big boats and big bucks, if you haven't seen these programmes before, they are real eye openers and well worth watching.

Seen a few of those prog's mate and it's a totally different world of fishing matches. The way those boats are kitted out with water tanks for keeping the fish before the end of competition time plus every electronic gismo you can think of must cost a fortune. Professional anglers with big name sponsorship added to the mix make it an angling match? Don't really think so, how can it be pleasure when it's nothing more than a really high pressure job that can earn the top boys lots of squids?

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Fishing
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