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Barnaby Sands

one of my favourite training spaces. few photos:

my two plus my mates cocker bitch:

Fusey posing:

bit of training today:

however, it does have its distractions. for me not the dogs......geese!!!



i cant imagine why i'm desperate to join the club alongside here lol

Just my sort of place.

Get yourself in the club a bit sharpish mate, won't be long before they are on the move again, or maybe they over winter there.

they spend the winter here, the fields run alongside the marsh, the geese come in low from the mudflats to settle on the surrounding spud and stubble fields, the lads head out to a big gutter near the edge of the marsh and intercept the geese on that flightpath. i'd love to get into that club the marsh [only small] is a 10 minute drive away. but its full and the waiting list.....i might be dead first. fingers crossed i get an associate with Morcambe Bay WA just up the road, i love the WWA but the travelling to Cumbria can make getting out for flights tricky and reconnaissance is pretty much a non starter really.

Cant you please tell me what you mean about "the club"?

wildfowling club, most of the marshes in England are privately owned, RSPB etc etc alongside these are wildfowling club owned marshes which enable their members to shoot.

Thanks don't have anything like that here most is public land so can shoot in season all you need is in season  "duck shooting licence"

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