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Barn owl

A couple of shots of one of the local pest controllers. Between these and the snakes they do a good job. The small birds were carrying on at what I thought was a snake in a tree but it was this bloke instead.



Brilliant shot/pics....  

Fantastic images, well done.

    we don't have any  here.

Super birds Jaycee, are they natural to Australia, or were they introduced?

I love owls of any kind, great pictures

What a privelage to have such beautiful birds around.

Super photos.


Very nice photos!!

Great pictures, well done

bodger wrote:
Super birds Jaycee, are they natural to Australia, or were they introduced?

They are native to Australia, but a different subspecies to the ones in the UK.  


   we don't have any here

Apparently you do sod, we have generously sent you some immigrants and a pair have been breeding in the North Island

WOW    strong winds again or by plane, we are south end of North Island are they in captivity or wild? would love to see them and can we swap some more of them and give you back you opossums please

Blown in apparently sod, have a look here

As far as the possums go, gee I don't know, never happy you lot, we send you over a ready made fur trade and all you do is complain
Just think yourselves lucky we don't send Russell Crowe back or ship you over a few cane toads

I thought cane toads were used for sport in Australia

Russel Crowe maybe but CANE TOADS no send them back to where they came from    and you are right possums have become a good fur trade thing, just wish they din't carry TB. The owls I would love to have here, rats,mice Sparrows  Thanks for the great photos love them

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