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I'm not the shopping type but I helped out in a charity shop today that was just set up in an empty shop in town for a week - there were loads of things to pack up to be scrapped and shredded at the end of the week but I managed to restock my wardrobe with 7 pairs of good, named brand trousers and 3 tops for a tenner

I love a bargain   Last week i managed to find 3 demijohns for a 5, i was a happy boy.

I have been given a load of demijohns and wine making equipment from Mrs Tiggywinkle's son and I will knit him a pair of socks in return

I love a bargain too - and love hearing about everybody elses bargain buys!    

Give me a bargain like that any day. I love finding ways to get something new for as little as possible    I have just made a new party dress for my grandaughter from a monsoon shot silk skirt I managed to find in a charity shop for 3.25 I have made it whilst being on 'baby watch' . The new baby is due NOW    and her husband, who is in the army, is away on a course during the week. (I am there during the week and home at weekends). My 2yr old grandaughter has helped me cutout and sew the new dress and the excitement she had showing her dad her new dress was heatwarming    
If the baby hasn't arrived in th next couple of hours it looks like I will be doing the hospital dash      

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