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Fished the river Vienne yesterday and had a fabulous net of barbel, 33 in total, nothing really big, the average being around 3lb mark, biggest probably 7lb. Caught them all on white maggot feeding maggot and hemp through a feeder using the old faithful Diawa porky pig feeder rod. Happy days!
Regards, Lw

Nice one LW; My best is 6 in a session on the Hampshire Avon on the Royalty Fishery, fishing the Pipes. All in high single figures on Luncheon Meat cubes.

Fantastic catch LW,nice to have a fellow Barbeler on site

Well in LW,
Very jealous though. We dont have Barbel here. There was a report of Illegal stocking in the Inney system. But nothing realy came of it.



       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Fishing
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