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Baked Bacon & Onion Suet Pud . . . . Wubbles asked

Wubbles asked me for this so I thought I'd post it on here and share it.

Baked Bacon & Onion Suet Pud.

Serves 6 but halve for a generous 2.

450g Self Raising Flour
225g Shredded Beef Suet
1 lev. teaspoon Dried Mixed Herbs
3 tablespoons chopped fresh Parsley (I used half amount of dried).
225g Bacon Scraps cut into small pieces. Rind removed.
1 lge. Onion peeled and finely chopped.
Salt & Black Pepper.
1 size 2 Egg beaten with 150ml. Water.

Preheat oven to 190*C/375*F/Gas Mark 5

Mix all dry ingredients and mix in Egg Mixture to form a soft but not sticky dough.

Knead the dough lightly on a floured board for a short while until smooth and shape into a 12" roll.

Place on well greased greaseproof paper and loosely wrapped to allow expansion.

Wrap in foil also loosely and place on baking tray seam side up on roasting tin.

Pour boiling water halfway up tin.

Cook for 90mins. or untill metal skewer comes out clean.

Mmmmmm, thank you  

MrsWW wrote:
Mmmmmm, thank you  

Just off to check the larder and fridge to see if I have what it takes to make this for dinner tonight  

I do much the same thing Baz but with the suet and herb pastry rolled out then the onions, bacon etc laid out over the top and rolled up as a swiss roll. absoluely fantastic whatever way its done....god I wish my waist line could take it now!

It's in the oven  

Just need to go shred some Savoy Cabbage and make some gravy to go with it now  

That seems very similar to a Quorn Bacon Roll - a local Leicester speciality that's so local no-one's hardly heard of it!

It's funny how most areas of the country seem to have their own take on a bacon suet pudding.

I'm going to veer from the recipe slightly - OH will be having it with cabbage and gravy.  I don't do gravy so am having some melted cheese on top of mine  

Well . . . ..  . .. . . .  it's absolutely delicious - thank you Bazzer    

will deffo try this...remember having it quite often when i was a kid but not since....


This used to be one of my kids favourite winter dinners but I used leeks rather than onions. Total no no on my present diet.

This looks scrummy... I shall do this on Sunday I think.  

I saw a cooking programme the other daywhere oil was used instead of suet to make dumplings - still SR flour with the addition of some baking powder and the resulting dumplings looked fine....maybe use a light olive oil to make it healthyer?

It aint meant to be 'elfy. Rib sticking, winter warmer stodge.


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