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Bags of salad…..

It's still bdooly cold here (-3C right now) even though the days are stretching out. I like salad, but the stuff won't grow yet, so I have to buy it.
Those mixed bags of stuff always look interesting, but when opened up there's such a guddle within that half of it usually ends up in the compost.

Tonight, looking for inspiration on the vegetable side dishes, and coming up with the usual carrots, peas, broccoli, beans or sweetcorn, thought I was scunnered with those. So I did a stir fry with ginger and garlic and julienned a mix of everything from cucumber to shallots, sliced mushrooms and the peeled thick stalk from the broccoli…..and poured in the leftover three quarters of a bag of mixed salad and stir fried that too.
It was surprisingly good. The thick stems of the red stuff cooked well, and the greenery just sort of toasted and oiled up a bit and became flavourful. It didn't matter that the ends were looking a bit brown before they hit the wok, it just all cooked up nicely I stirred through some roughly chopped sundried tomatoes and drizzled on sweet chilli sauce, and that was the veggies sorted….and the salad drawer redd out
I don't think I'm going to grudge buying the bags of salad so much.
Himself is building a growing box though with full spectrum lights, so maybe we'll be a bit more self sufficient anyway.

We eat loads of salad and veg in our diet and after the night we had here last night with rain, rain and more rain its helps to think of summer and the home grown stuff we'll be planting and eating.

He said that he could just fit it into the greenhouse, but the lights are apparently the same ones that the folks growing wackybacky use, so we'd end up with more hassle than it was worth just to grow my own saladings and herbs through Winter and Spring.

I do sprout stuff, and I do grow the extra veggie seeds into small seedlings but it's too early to grow them on.


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