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We've been talking about having a family day out at Badminton this year, and just looked up the prices online..........

at 12 per car plus 26 each passenger it's considerably more expensive than the day in the 70s when I persuaded my non horsey ex that it would be a good day out. It certainly was..... at 1 for car including all passengers...... AND we almost got mown down by the Queen and the royal party's land rover when we got the baby buggy stuck in the mud!

The organisers know how to make the maximum amount from these events nowadays

Its the same with all the big events, Badminton, CLA and Midland game fairs, Royal show, E of E are all hiking the admission price.

The percent of junk stands are aslo on the increase, so paying top rate to see these junk stands pisses me off a little.

Plus the toilet facilities at most shows and fairs are to few and the cleaning of them is so bad they are a health hazzard.

Someone somewhere must be making mega bucks from a poor product.

Crikey, thats gone up some since I last went   I remember those days when it was 1 a car.

Know what you mean about the junk stands Border, really pees me off too.  Its so annoying say going round a game fair & only a small amount of stands are actually anything to do with it.

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