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badminton horse trials 2011

just booked my camping tickets so il be going for yet another year is anyone going this year? camping? im going to start saving now lol
Green Rosie

Haha - just worked out who you are somewhere else.  Did you do a name change over there?

We went last year - or was it the year before. Have a great time! Years ago I stayed at Burghley in a caravan fr the whole 4 days and it was really good fun. I'd like to do it again one day. Sharing with 3 friends it wasnt too expensive...til I hit the trade stands! Love Lizzie

yes all gravy i been going since 07 i promised my OH we  would always go  every year. so  09 was 1st time i camped there. With money troubles last year was to late to camp so went 3 days with 1 day being free. so this year were taking my mum and dad if they can get time off. maybe i should book the time off work soon  lol well il be going anyway. that is my main holiday each year so cant moan really

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