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Badminton cancelled

That's a blow - I was thinking of going this year for the first time in years. It used to be an annual pilgrimage.
Another victim of the 'drought'!!  Apparently the course is waterlogged with no chance of it drying out in time.
I remember when it was held much earlier in the year, (apparently because it gave the land time to recover to revert to farming for the rest of the year). It was always a sea of mud - a bit of an equestrian Glastonbury really.
Only for the last few years has it been in May, to assure better weather. Ho hum!!

I also saw this on the internet this am. No plans to go but did intend on vegging in front of the telly all sunday to watch the x-country.

Such a shame as it is one hell of a weekend and must be so disheartening for those that have trained and worked hard to get there for it to be cancelled the day before it all kicks off.


Not to mention the B&Bs and the trade stands etc. They stand to lose thousands  
Shame they can't reschedule it but I suppose the eventing calendar's full. Makes you wonder how they'll cope in Greenwich Park if we have monsoon weather during the Olympics.

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