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Badger watching?

I'm going to try something new this summer. I've always had an inkling that it might be nice to do some badger watching and I think that I might have found the perfect location. Has anyone on OTG got any experience of this pass time?
The weather is lousy at the moment but as soon as things settle down, I'm definitely going to give it a go. Watch this space as  I knock off another 'things to do' off my list.

Try sprinkling some peanuts in a suitable location on a regular basis- badgers love them. In my old house they used to come from their sett 400 yards away to eat on the patio.

Bodger you might be interested from an academic viewpoint in a  book called "The Wild Foods of Great Britain", by L. Cameron. first published 1917, reprinted in 1977.

" THE BADGER (Meles taxus)

Badgers are now increasingly plentiful throughout many parts of England and Scotland, although,being nocturnal in their habits, they are not easily captured. Their "setts" or the burrows in which they live are, however, easily indentified, and they can either be dug out with the aid of trained terriers, or may be hunted by dogs on moonlight nights, when they ramble to considerable distances from their homes; and the entrance to the setts having been closed by strong sacks strongly pegged down, they may be driven in by the dogs and captured. Though formidable to encounter at close quarters, a smart blow on the snout will kill or stun the badger sufficiently to allow of the knife being brought into play to despatch it finally.

The hams, when cured by smoking - over a fire of birchwood for preference - after the manner used in curing bacon, are a decided delicacy, and may then be cooked and eaten either hot or cold. They are thus commonly treated in Germany, and to a less extent in Ireland; while badgers' fat was once used by the peasants in Gloucestershire for cooking, and also as a cure for colds and rheumatism, applied externally. "

Smoked hams ???

Badgers visit my garden fairly regularly.
I know where their sett is, and though I am delighted to see them (they become very used to people; they forage under the bird feeder not six foot in front of the living room window and we can open the windows and photograph them, talk normally etc., and they don't bother beyond an occasional heads up and cough) I'm told it's a very bad idea to encourage them to expect food every night.
They're noisy and they aren't as bad as pigs on a lawn, but they happily excavate for grubs and worms.

There are badger recording groups all over the country; they are picky though about giving out information because of the cretins who bait the badgers with dogs.

Three badgers, two foxes, a very wary cat and an owl all at once one evening.

I do have better photos, but this is one I can link to just now.

Peanuts are a treat, so are hazelnuts. They like cat food, they adore crumbled up bird fat balls, and the dried wire worms become a shoving match between them to get to.

Fun having badgers around


How lucky are you Toddy ? We get lots of foxes after the chickens and ducks but in all the years we've lived here, we've only ever seen one badger.

Feeding them.  I am told that it is a good idea to feed them during dry spells as it becomes difficult for them to find natural food- worms go deeper and the badgers starve.
A cousin of mine had the Welsh Assembly Ag.dept install cctv on their farm buildings . My cousin was amazed at the footage which showed a large number of badgers visiting every night and eating the maize silage.

Let us know how you get on, but please don't let on where they are. There definitely are badger baiting cretins in this area.

I watched one in daylight once - rolling and gambolling in the middle of a field in the mid afternoon! He wasn't bothered as I edged closer, and he eventually shuffled off into the hedgerow.

I keep saying I'm going to put a camera up here after seeing the amount of tracks when we've had snow. Like a blummin' motorway!

Karen has  refused to be seen carrying a green plastic chair across two miles of fields. I've said that's OK if she wants to sit on the grass.


bodger wrote:
Karen has  refused to be seen carrying a green plastic chair across two miles of fields. I've said that's OK if she wants to sit on the grass.

You could get her one of these if she refuses to be seen



brummie nick

I look forward to seeing reports of a ' Yeti' in Wales.  

This is the spot that I'm going to try. I'll be able to watch them from the fsr side of this little valley.


Looks an active sett- what about wind direction ?
What about a webcam ? we bought one for the car very cheap with a motion sensor with 32gb storage good for 10 hours  video

I've got a trail cam but the sett is in far too public a location and it would be nicked.

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