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bad news

had to take the wee chap off the forums front page to the vets today, not good not well....PTS. one last photo of the wee chap who i put up lots of times on the forum in the early days. who'd have thought a 48 year old grown man had so many tears in him.................

we lost our little shoot at mythop early this year where we enjoyed many mooches so im glad i took him out there on our last day of the lease for a stroll about with Tom, who has been his partner in many many photos. wee man looking good striking a pose....

devastated. this might belong in the dog sectiopn, sorry if ive missposted.

No! You've not misposted BB. Thats awful news. Losing a good mate who just happens to be a dog, is always very sad.

Sorry to hear your sad news mate.

Sad news, feel for you  
Yorkshire Geordie

Barraboy, just remember all the good times you shared with him.
It's a sad fact that our canine friends don't last long enough. They become part of the family and it's alwayd a wrench when they leave us.
I know exactly how you are feeling so you're not alone.

Sending all good thoughts your way, it just never gets any easier to lose our dear pals. In my eyes, it makes you more of a man to be able to shed tears for your dog.  Run free little man.

Many don't understand that our dogs are not just dogs, they are our shooting partners, our best friends (when the missus is playing up) and its always very sad to loose them.

Remember the good times, and don't leave it to long before you find  a new shooting partner.

Run free.

so sorry, he was gorgeous..R.I.P little man

Oh what sad news. It never gets any easier, they're part of the family.    

Very sad news - what a beautiful boy
Run fast and free

Sad, sad news, not just a pet, they're part of the family.

Oh Barraboy I really feel for you.  JRT's have a special place in your heart. he was a MOST handsome chap. Big hugs to you, love Lizzie

What a beautiful dog! So sorry to hear you've lost him.  RIP little fella.  

As said so very sorry to hear and as 12bore said one of the kids I admit I cry too when ours go, our thoughts are with you will go give ours an extra hug and big hugs to you too

Oh, I am so sorry.  It's never easy to tell one of our friends goodbye.
Godspeed little guy.

I shed tears just reading such posts...thoughts are with you....

So sorry to hear of your loss.
It never gets any easier to lose a canine companion

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