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Bad news for bee keepers.

If you're a bee keeper, then you probably already know this.

Keep at it, the rest of us need you.

It is very worrying. This week I have been cleaning out some of the hives that we lost over the winter, having just stacked them in the corner of the yard for a few months. The sight of piles of dead bees is quite depressing. I hope the wet and windy weather we're having now will  not turn into another bad summer.

Yes, I lost 2 of my 3 colonies due to damp.  They had loads of feed.
The surviving colony have created a queen cup last week indicating that they intend to supercede their queen - they are obviously not happy with her.  She was a last year queen, so not old.
I await with interest ....

Meanwhile I have located 2 bait hiv4es to see if I can encourage a swarm to take residence, one here (doubtful) and one in a sheltered vally 3 miles away.
Im also collecting a nuc of black bees from a breeder down west.  They are hardier than the buckfast bees, and hopefully will be better able to deal with the damp.

Yep I lost 2 out of 3 hives overwinter too. Have had a couple of swarms to collect this week so back up to 3 hives again. Hopefully the 2 swarms will settle and expand.

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