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Backpack brush cutter.

Looking to get one of these and the bigger stihl seems favourite from what ive seen so far.

Anyone use them or have any recommendations?


We have an older model goes great also have a big Oleo Mac that has done a lot of work with no trouble.

dont have a back pack type but my honda is a beast but light UMK435E is the model 4stroke so no mixing easy start pull (2nd pull every time) i've had it 3 years now been bad and never had a full service but runs like a dream

Thanks for the replies.

Budgie youve just opened up another question.

2 stroke / 4 stroke! pros /cons.

4 smoke all day if you ask me! no mix to worry about only change the oil once in a while and clear the air filter at the same time other than that will need very little looking after but thats only me!

I haven't used a backpack either. We used stihl brushcutters commercially in the 80's and they were great despite the flogging we used to give them. I  bought one about 12 years ago and it was absolute rubbish, it seems to depend on where they are made, Germany is the go apparently.

Probably the best brushcutter I have ever owned is the shindaiwa 2 stroke I have now, I see they also do a backpack, so it might be worth having a look at those.

As far as 2 stoke v 4 stroke in brushcutters goes, I would stick to a good 2 stroke. I haven't owned one myself but two of my clients have honda 4 strokes and I get to use them.

Pros... they start easily, mind you so does my shindaiwa.
         Plenty of power.
Cons...They breakdown fairly regularly, usually without warning and despite a low work load.
          They are heavy.

We go 2stroke only and except for plug change never had trouble have to agree withJaycee the newer Stihl are not good and chainsaws either our felling gang are most using their older saws, Shindiawa are good as he said

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