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Pen Y Bryn

Back on the Piggy Trail

Today I met on Bodgers Smallholding. He was very welcoming and had a great plot, well organised.

I had been a little dismayed after being given two Kune Kune Pigs. The Sow being five years old and the Boar being a similar age. They have become pet pigs on the holding.

Bodger gave me good advice on how to cut my high costs on keeping the pigs and suggested Sow pellets instead of the Potbellied pellets I was buying. I was also paying over the odds for fresh veg and fruit. As well as growing my own fodder beet. Bodger told me of a good supplier for cheaper beet seeds.

Since the meeting I have decided to invest in a couple of weeners in the Spring and bring them on for the table.

Bodger also fixed me up with a pig arc.

A big thankyou to Bodger and the forum. Cheers

He sounds a top bloke  

Glad it went well

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