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Autumn fishing....the best season

September is, to me, the start of the best fishing the calendar has to offer. The three months of autumn make up the most productive time to wet a line.

Whether coarse sea or game, there will be plenty to aim for over the coming months. Fish will start to get their heads down for a good feed in preparation for the long cold days of winter.

For the coarse anglers amongst us, now is the time to target those huge carp, the stillwater giants that have teased all summer by lazing around in the sun ignoring our baits. The rivers will start to cool down and with the autumn rains bring rising water levels. Barbel will be my chosen target during the early part of autumn. As the season marches closer to winter I turn my attention to pike with a few sessions on the river. The best time to try your luck is a few days after the river has been in flood as the water fines down.

The sea anglers are spoilt for choice too. This is the time of year when catches of the biggest bass will be made from the shorlines around the coast. The end of autumn will see hoards of whiting and the occasional codling within reach of the beachcasters. Out on the boat this really is the very best time to be afloat. The last of the summer species will give way to arrival of the winter cod.

As an occasional fluff flinger I'll have a couple of days on a stillwater somewhere. Small lures are a sure fire method through September and October and a chance to hone my casting skills for an eagerly awaited day on the Royalty after an elusive sea trout.

Will hopefully have a few pictures for you all. Good fishing wherever you may be.

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