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Austin Princess

I watched Ashes to Ashes last night. In the episode, a gypsy is killed in a crash involving an Austin Princess. What a blast from the past !

The series is a particularly poignant one for me. For those who don't know, its set in the year 1982 when I too was a serving police officer, not in the Met I hasten to add. Seeing that Austin Princess really brought it home to me.
The Staffordshire Police force had them in their traffic division for a time and what a heap of junk they were. Did anyone else ever drive one ? My one abiding memory of them was the ridiculous rear window that they had. With the angle of the car and the positioning of it, it made reversing using your internal mirror very tricky. It certainly put a lot of guessing into the exercise. Arr well ! Happy days, you don't see many if any of them about now. I don't think that they are much sort after by collectors today either. They were never very popular with drivers and even last night, they were prepared to sacrifice the  one in the programme for the sake of the stunt.

Go back a few "Mks." and you got the real style Princess, Funeral Directors/Villians car. The name was one of the revived from the past jobbies.
Seem to recall that the old ones had Jacks built into each corner.

They were a strange car to drive, quite springy as I recall. My own post has given me an idea for another thread.

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