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Attention Mrs WW.

Once your cucumbers are peeled and cored they are ready for salting,

Put a plate in the bottom of the bowl you going to salt them in. The plate will keep the bottom layer of cucumbers out of the water that will be produced when salting.

Put the cucumbers in the bowl in layers and sprinkle salt over each layer, when the bowl is full put it in the fridge or somewhere cool for about 20-24 hours.

Remove the cucumbers and place on a towel and cover with a towel and pat them to remove most of the excess water. I do this, as it will help them to stay firm and will give a crisp bite. There have been times in the beginning of my pickling career when I did not dry them off and I found that they all went soft when I put them in the pickling vinegar.

The cucumber is now ready to be sliced.

Put some pickling vinegar in a saucepan and bring to boil, put sliced cucumber into the boiling vinegar for about 2 minutes. This vinegar can be used again if you want to pickle more than one bowl full, this vinegar must NOT be used as the final pickling vinegar.

Remove cucumber and put in a sieve, let excess vinegar drain off.

They are now ready to be put in VERY clean kilner jars. To make sure the jars are clean I put a little Atamon in each jar and shake, then empty, you don’t have to dry the inside of jars.

To make the pickling vinegar I use the following, (times as needed)

1kg sugar
1litre pickling vinegar
Silver onions  (after taste, I like a lot)
Yellow mustard seeds
Black pepper corns
White pepper corns
Spanish pepper

I cheat a little here and use Tørsleffs pickling herbs, they come in a perforated boil bag. There easy to use and you don't have to fanny about removing the corns and peppers from final pickling vinegar (If you want to try these herb bags and can’t find them in the UK then PM me.)

Put all the above in a saucepan and boil until the sugar has melted Job done.

Pour the boiling pickle vinegar over the cucumbers until they are covered.

Add a few crowns of dill.

Place the full jars with their lids open, in a cool place and allow them to cool down,

I normally give them 24 hours to cool off

I normally leave them 4-6 weeks before opening the first jar, I still have some jars from last season and the last jar opened 3 days ago, was fine so they have a self-life of at least a year.

Its quiet simple really, I hope this helps, enjoy your pickling.

Any questions just ask.

Thank you very much for that recipe and advice, much appreciated  

I'm in Poland for a wedding this weekend so will be getting into salting/pickling mode next weekend.

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