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Rick & Carol

Asparagus beds

Well, A break in the weather saw my two new asparagus beds finished today. Two years in the making but I got there! The beds on the left have had two years asparagus in so this year we can actually eat some> So keen was I to get some going I grew the crowns on un-rotted muck & earth but they seem none the worse for that. The straw was just to protect them through the winter & come spring anything that hasn't rotted down will be raked off.

The ones on the right were dug down a spade depth below the beds then had a layer of muck then earth and so on. They have had a crop of garlic & a crop of leeks on and this week when I pulled the last of the leeks, the resultant earth was black soft & full of worms but about 5" below the top of the bed. Today they have had three generous barrows each of well rotted muck to bring the level up then a barrow load each of sieved (by the moles in the field)soil over the top and the worms given a pep talk to, to mix it all up. Bit like making a cake with help. Come March 40 more Asparagus crowns will go in and by 2017 we should have mamouth crops each year.      Well that's my recipe for a raised bed!

Even as I type this the weather has changed again & they now have a thick topping of hail-stones. Sleet tomorrow so I'm sure it will all help the mix

They look really sturdy. I've just ordered 10 new crowns to fill,gaps in the existing bed. I thought with my beds I was doing well, but I only have 30 crowns in total.

Your recipe for your raised beds sounds spot on to me.....  

what size are the beds? i ask because ive just built a bed for asparagus and wondered about their spacing
Rick & Carol

full sized are 8x4 and there is a half sized at 4x4. I've got three rows in each and 18inches apart, that worked out as 9 crowns in the half bed and 18 in the full sized.

thanks for that , the bed i have is 10 x 4 and i was thinking i would need less crowns in than that ,yesterday i was looking on a seed site and was going on 15 crowns , 3 lots of 5 in a grid formation giving me 15 in total so it may be possible to get a few more in .ive never done anything with asparagus growing but we both love them and as its a long term bed want to get it right first time if possible,plus we dont have a huge amount of land a want to maximize output as much as possible

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