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Asking Price

I am about to visit a few local pubs to see if I can sell them my cider.
The problem is I don't know how much to ask for it.
I have 500ml bottles and 10lt Bag in Box.
Can anyone give me an idea ?  

How much do you need to charge to make the profit you want out of it?
I always wonder if trying to get as much as possible is a good idea at the beginning,  once they hsve bought from you for a bit and found the product in demand they may well be willing to pay more but if you start off selling for the minimum you want t make then there is a better chance of them taking a chance on it if you see what I mean.
Decide how much you want to mAke, work out what it has cost youand then work out how much you have to charge to make the money you want...

Thanks for the reply.
There is no suggestion of "trying to get as much as possible".
I have often heard on here "don't undersell your goods" I assume whether it be pork, eggs or cider etc.
I was just asking if anyone knew what the going rate was.
It is allways very difficult to increase your price especially if you start to low.

Not suggesting you were but here is my explanation.
I make and sell beef jerky, my production costs are about 80p a pack depending on what marinade I use.
I sell at 2 a pack retail and 1 a pack wholesale on 100 packs of more.
The other guy I knkw who makes and sells costs about 3. 75 for the same size pack.
I'm happy with the profit I make, wholesale is a lot less hassle than going to shows with the additional costs hence it's cheaper.
I could easily put my prices up cos they hsve been the same for the last 5 years or so but as I have got better at producing and marketing my manufacturing costs have gone down so I'm actually making more now then in the beginning but I still make enough per pack on average to sell as cheap as I am.
If I am happy with the money I mAke for my time then I'm not selling to cheap.
If next year you could sell more cider than you can make them put your price up,  the one who wants it most will pay the higher price and the other will go without.

The common multiplier for manufacture -> wholesale -> retail is 100% at each point.

If selling direct from manufacture to retail you should be looking at selling in at 50% of retail.

In an ideal world, of course...

Thanks for that 12bore, very useful.  

It's very much dependent on the area you live in. I get two pounds a pint for my cider sold to the pubs but when I told some fellow producers in Herefordshire how much I was getting they were astounded. I don't have any competition and they weren't getting anything like that amount.

Bodger 2 sounds very good.
I suppose most of the customers are on holiday so arn't as bothered about price.
I was thinking 1.40/1.50 around here based on 12Bore's formula.
Thanks for the info.  

A farmers worst enemy is another farmer.

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