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As happy as pigs

not in muck!
Karen took these pictures of some of our GOS pork pigs this afternoon.
This one has lovely lop ears, until she decides to come running.

Mildred the young sow.


Looking well

What lovely pigs you have  

As above great looking pigs  

lovely pigs  
Fowgill Farm

They look great and how come you have lashings of grass?
we're like the sahara desert here, not had any proper rain for weeks.

We've moved some of them into an even bigger run over the weekend and we can hardly see them for the grass. We do live in wet warm Wales you know.  

Talking of grass, we've got plenty of it here. These boys are off for the chop a week today. They will have had a short but very happy life.


Wish i lived nearer , one of these would fit in my freezer lovely , braw looking pigs .

Happy pigs make good pork?

I've been watching a thread on a pedigree pig face book group. One member asked how much the others were charging per kilo for their half and whole pigs. I'm currently charging 4.50p but at least half a dozen people from various parts of the country said that they got between seven and eight pounds. It was a real eye opener for me and while I always try to be as practical as I can, its made me wonder whether its me that's not living in the real world?
I love keeping my pigs but the pig keepers answering the query raised, said that they couldn't make a profit if they charged anything less for their product. I think that I may very well have been blinded by the enjoyment I get from the experience of pig keeping. I can't see how I can get more money from the pigs selling in this particular area but I do need to do some serious thinking about how I'm going about things. My marketing maybe the weak link in my enterprise.

There's a guy on Facebook near me selling pork for 3.75 a kilo, he's only 10 miles away just can't compete with that.  

When I've sold half pigs in the past I've charged 4.50/kg but to be honest there's no money in it at that price so I don't do it anymore. I've got to charge retail money for everything I sell or there's no point doing it. Having said that when I look at the likes of Jimmy's Farm etc my pork looks bdooly cheap.

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