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Yorkshire Geordie

As busy as ........

On Budleigh sea front there are some mallow plants that, althogh technically weeds, look very colourful.
There is no marsh nearby so they can't be called marshmallow, perhaps they're not sweet enough.
They are, however, very attractive to bees. Here are some recent shots of the busy critters:-





I had to rush home and take a rest after watching the busy blighters.  


Know what you mean   it is tiring watching them   great photos love the one of the bee flying off   thank you
Dave C

Yorkshire Geordie

Thanks for the comments everyone.  

Bees are in the recent news, especially in London where some of them have been fitted with registration plates!  

I didn't see any of these on the Budleigh marrow plants.  

Those look like our border mallows, lovely plants, edible and the flowers do actually give a good dye

I have foxgloves growing just outside the window next to my desk.
The sheer number, and busy-ness, of the bees attending them is fascinating
I really did not realise just how many different varieties we had in the garden.


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