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as an experiment

could a few of you that know the weight or can weigh their dogs check something out for me?

I have tried this with Solly and it was acurate to within 1.5lbs as it was with Solly's sister when his breeder tried it - I don't think it will work with particularly heavy coated dogs but I think something like a collie coat would be fine.

Anyway, with a tape measure, in inches, take the girth measurement of your dog - just behind the front legs around the widest part of the chest then another measurement, again in inches from the base of the skull to the root of the tail.  Then carry out the following calculation:

girth multiplied by itself, total multiplied by the length then the whole thing divided by 400 - this will hopefully give you the weight of your dog in lbs - divide by 2.2 for the weight in kgs.  Those of you with pigs will know where I am coming from.

As I said, it worked with Solly, it worked with his sister Calley and I am just wondering if this is a coincidence or whether it works with other breeds - if it does its a damn sight easier than trying to get them to stand on scales - well it is when you have a great dane anyway!  

Of course, if it is only danes it works with, could be why they were called boar hounds years ago and nothing to do with their hunting of wild boar

Interesting idea - I'll try with one of the less wriggly ones when I have a moment.

In lieu of bathroom scales (bust) we've got a good method for weighing Troy, our new pup. Large IKEA bag (strong) - pup in bag, digital luggage scales through handle of bag & lift. Take the median weight of amounts displayed as pup wriggles around! So far - he's gaining around 1kg a week.


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