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Arwen all grown up

This is a show photo.  I'm not fond of the background, but I think it's good of her.

beautiful dog  


You're right about the background!
Lovely looking dog

A grand looking dog

Lovely girl Yvonne. What do this breed have in their makeup....Saluki...Borzoi??  I bet she can move fast when she wants!!

Thanks, everyone.  

Jane, they have Borzoi, whippet and either Sheltie or Collie.

I got to meet Francie on the trip to Texas with Arwen last month.  I think that alone was worth the trip.  She is a fascinating woman.

She's all grown up  I remember you posting puppy pictures and tales about her

Ooh she is lovely. I have a wind hound - my whippet and his dodgy digestive system!! That background is dreadful!

Yes, kaz, she grew up!  Still a pup upstairs, though.  I hope she stays like that, she is fun.

Thanks lizzie.   Thanks.  She doesn't seem to have gotten her name for that particular thing.  

I wonder if that background used to be someone's curtains?  

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