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Artichoke Relish

Diggindeep pointed out that we may be talking different animals here but the artichokes I'm used to dealing with are Jerusalem Artichokes.  Here is the relish recipe my family has used for this.

This is the recipe for the relish I mentioned in the artichoke thread.  Its an old recipe but a good one.  My mother said she could not keep it cause it was in such demand.  Always a big hit at church fundraisers and such.  Its a little troublesome to make but is well worth the trouble.

This is what it looks like.

1 peck of artichokes cleaned and sliced
1 gallon of white or apple vinegar
3 lbs brown sugar
1 cup canning salt
2 cauliflowers broken into flowerettes
2 bell peppers (1 red and one green) cut up
2 ounces of tumeric
1 ounce of celery seed
2 ounces of dry mustard (not ours is not as hot as Colmans)
1 quart of seed onions, peeled

Pour vinegar over sugar in a crock or churn.
Stir until well mixed
Mix dry ingredients in and stir well
Drop all vegetables into this mix
Place crock/churn in cool place and cover with lid or cloth
Stir once a day for a week.
Relish will be ready in 10 days or 2 weeks and may be put in jars for immediate use.

Here is a little more detail about our love for the stuff and another recipe.  This one calls for addition of cabbage which is merely a filler and to some this would be sacrilige.  But I'm sure its good nonetheless.  Straight artichoke relish will be more yellow than what is pictured.

I've not been a real fan of the Jerusalem artichokes...but this recipe might just change that.   those things grow Really well in our area!

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