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Arrived 17.04.2008

This small family arrived on the 17.04.2008,  we rescued them from a Caravan Site owner who was trying to find someone to shoot them after the vet refused to put them down, their crime annoying customers by wandering around their caravans!

Any way theu are now safe and sound and looking good the kids are 2 weeks old - mum is skittish as she has never been handled - so some work to get her calmed down, our other pygmy is very calm and likes to be hand fed

Mum is Lola, and the kids Leila and Lettuce!


Nice one James, you're going to end up with a real menagerie.

They are lovely...and very lucky. It's nice to know they are safe and sound

They're lovely - and all the more special in that you saved them from almost certain death.

They look lovely, glad you saved them from what could have been a unhappy ending.

It looks as though you are going to have some fun with those. Is the mother tethered in that photo?

No - none of them are tethered - we built a paddock 18metres x 10 metres with 1.6 metres sheep fencing - dont like the idea of tethering - they are part of the family and with some tlc Lola (mum) will becoame as docile as Hannah our other Pygmy. Hopefully Leila and lettuce will also relax once Lola does

they look real cute

Job well done.      
Some peoples reasoning!!!!!!

They're lovely! Will you get some milk from mum?

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