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Apple tree varieties

I'm ordering some more trees this winter and was wondering which varieties have proved most successful for you all.  
I'll be looking at using them for fresh juice and cider mainly.
Look forward to hearing your views.
Many thanks.

Discovery is one variety that I'd consider and although Bramleys are obviously known for their cooking qualities, they also make a superb sharp apple juice.

I'd ask locally to find out what suits your area/soil.


That's a good idea.

I second the Discovery for juicing. Also, a good russet would do wonders for juice...maybe Egremont?

Thanks, it sounds like I need more of the same. got the ones recomended, will plant more with just one or two new ones.  

Ashmeads kernel,is by far the best russet type. Prolific and disease free, unlike Egremont which can be almost sterile.[/b]

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