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My beautiful James Greaves apple tree is unwell :( it is 15 years old now and for the first time in its life HASN'T dropped all its apples... However, all of its poor apples have knobbly spots...

It sits in good sunlight, on a sloping bank above a stream and I was told last year the apple dropping issue may be due to it not getting enough water. We have been diligently watering it, and true enough it only dropped half its thousand or so baby apples this year and half are turning bright red now. They are however very small, hard and knobbly. It is definitely a James Greaves, we were given it by a very very accomplished gardens/grounds keeper when it was a baby, unfortunately he now has dementia and can't help us with the poor thing.
I'll get some pictures of it tomorrow but just wondering if anyone had any ideas.... :( it's a beautiful little tree and produces so many tiny apples its weighted down with them, but then it drops them all when they are no bigger than marbles.
This years crop is about golf balls sized at the moment and resembles nothing more than scabby crab apples.
The ones we rescued from the ground last year were however very tasty in several apple pies.

The only other tree in the area is a 5 years old cooking apple tree 100 yards away and its apples are enormous and PERFECT despite it being a little straggle of a thing that never gets looked at by the neighbours ... very frustrating :(

Can we use them even with the spots? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

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