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Apple names

I'm just going through the catalogue choosing a few cider apple trees for the poultry pens, before I choose 'sensibly' I'm having fun choosing by name- so far Fair Maid of Devon and Foxwhelp seem to be quite appropriate  
Dave C


I've got fox whelp here.
Don't go paying silly money for your trees, how many were you thinking of ordering?

Only half a dozen or so. I wanted trees for the poultry pens but now we are talking of setting up Jacks cider again we thought they might as well be of some 'use'.

We still have the orchard to replant but that's on hold for now. Jack had use of all the apples from a couple of orchards on different farms we can 'inherit'.

At his funeral all the pall bearers etc wore apple blossom from one of the orchards in their lapels, the church gate was decorated in boughs of apple blossom and the church porch set with a display of apples, cider equipment and photos etc.

As a guide, the main varieties that I've got here are  Dabbinett, Kingston Black and Michelin. Under guidance, my most recent plantings have been Browns Apple, Major, Tom Putt, Brown Snout and Somerset Red Streak.

Thanks Bodger I recognise several of those names. Where do you buy your trees ?.I've been looking through the Ashridge catalogue but only as I have it to hand.

I've also been reading past posts. and online for press cloths etc. all just research for now. I'm not sure we'll have it set up in time for this year
mole trapper

There really are some lovely quaint names, we've got all of those mentioned above and a few Norman ones also.
I've just ordered another sixteen of various sorts for juicing from Adams Apple's at honiton, we've had all ours from him.
Planted several two year olds in the big chicken enclosures , they have taken quite a battering from the birds, mainly from flying up and grabbing branches to pull off apples, next project is build good high defences around these.

I get my trees from Frank Mathews at Tenbury.

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