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Apple juice

We had a Little apple juice session yesterday, no where near the scale of Bodgers sessions, just 67 x 750ml bottles and a 2.5 liter flagon.

We used five different varieties, not mixed as they seems after the OH's and my pallet to taste ok as they were. As we drink them we might  play a Little and mix some just to see if we can produce anything better than we have at the moment.

The varieties used were,

Red Aroma.
Ingrid Marie which is a Danish apple.
Golden Delicious
Browns apple which is a cider apple.
Aldenham purple ?

From L-R

Aldenham purple (the man that had the tree was not sure what they were, but seemed to remember his father saying the tree was a Aldenham purple.
Red Aroma
Ingrid Marie
Golden Delicious
Browns apple which I belive is a cider apple.

Fantastic colours.

Rare one

if they taste as good as they look you're on a winner.

That red apple juice is a stunning colour

Thanks to you both.

The middle bottle was a brilliant pink just after pressing, but seems to have mellored a Little since coming in bottles.

The White bucket in the background to the right has 10 liters of plum rum in it and that also has a stunning orangy pink colour, just hope it comes to fuse well and taste thereafter, should be ready just before Christmas.

If they taste as good as they look....your on a winner    

They look wonderful and will all have their individual taste

Man Border, those look GREAT!!!!!

eta~send a bottle my way will ya?!

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